I wish time would just stand still.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I cannot believe that Sadie will be one on Friday. This year has flown by so fast and it seems like every year they get faster and faster. I ask Ella all the time if she would please stop growing up and now Sadie keeps doing it too! This time last year I was a nervous wreck and I was terrified of ruining Ella's life by having another baby and her not being the center of my attention. Boy was I wrong. These two girls love each other so much. Sadie sometimes gets tired of how much attention Ella shows her, but then when Ella's doing something Sadie will go over and yank the hair out of her head and then smile. So I think they are pretty even at this point. Sadie is still blissfully unaware of how to share and the concept of being nice versus being an onry little thing. So she gets a lot more breaks than Ella does, but when Sadie does get a teeny, tiny little pop on her hand, Ella looooves it. :) But Ella and Sadie are so great to each other and love to play together, share sippy cups, food, toys. Anything and everything is for both of them. I'm truly blessed. This has been a fantastic year for our family. This two girls are the bread to my butter, the icing on the cake, the apple of my eye...they all work.

AND I'm excited about attempting to bake (and decorate) my very first cake this year. Well, I guess I technically made Ella's first birthday cake (it was a duck) and it had a lot of, um, character. This time, I'm using fondant...So I've got some Betty Crocker cake mix for backup. The sad part is that I don't even own a mixer; I have to borrow my mom's. Maybe I'll find out that I like baking and can justify spending the money on one after this attempt.

Some updates on the fam:
Sadie is WALKING! She started taking steps at the end of April, but about a week or so ago she got to where she walked more than crawled and now she doesn't crawl much at all. Only when she falls and then she'll crawl over to something so that she can stand up and walk again. I love this stage.

Ella can (mostly) write her name. I love it. Sometimes the letters are on completely different places on the page, but she can write the E, L, L, and A. You might have to squint to see it, but she's making some serious improvements.

We spend LOTS of time on the karaoke machine. I've got some music loving kids.

Ella doesn't really care for Yo Gabba Gabba anymore :( Sadie loves it.

Our house is still on the market. 15 and a half months now. But we just purchased a new fridge, stove, and dishwasher and this week we're going to tackle new countertops. Hopefully this will drum up some interest and we can get into something with a little more space. There is no way I'm having kid number three in this house!

Oh, and we've got another Mud Run coming up and this time we convinced some other crazies to do it with us. :)

Josh is awesome, as usual. The best I could ask for. *love*

That's what happens.