Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When I was little, my dad was out of town traveling a lot. He was a truck driver, so he spent a lot of time gone. But when he was home, he was home. My dad is a master storyteller. He used to always tell me stories about two raccoons named George and Willy. They were always getting into some kind of trouble. I remember one time George got his tail bitten off by an alligator. As soon as the story was over I would beg for another one. My dad had this way of making you hang off of every word. The stories would just suck you in. So since we have had the opportunity to live here while we're waiting for our new house, my girls have gotten to experience story time with my dad. Although his stories now are about Princess Ella and Super Sadie and they are good. My dad has not lost his abilities in the past 25 years. Here are some fun pictures lately. We have been having fun out here in the sticks. :)


So we finally sold our house! We closed on February 10 and have been living at my parents' house ever since. It is such a relief to not worry about mopping, dusting, picking up every tiny thing every day. It was a whirlwind of a move. We found out on Monday that we had to be out by Thursday, and we got it all put in a storage building, just the two of us. Josh and I are a pretty awesome team. :) we had quite a few repairs to make and we got it all done. But I will say that I have been feeling a little uprooted lately. It's hard to be in a place where nothing is yours and I know my mom doesn't care and is so happy to have us here, but I constantly worry about making sure we aren't in the way. We are very excited to move into our new house, which we just got cleared to close yesterday! Yeah! So we close march 9th-ish and will have a few things to fix before we can move in but it will be fun. The house is an older house and it's kind of like a blank slate for us to get to work with. I'm talking kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels, new floors, paint, all sorts of fun projects. If only our bank account could keep up! The girls are so excited about the new house. We started to get cold feet about the house so we went and looked at a second house that had been updated and didn't need repairs and the minute Ella walked in, she told us she didn't like the house. We didn't care for it much either. It was a great house, but it just didn't feel like it could be home. So our awesome realtor (Aunt Denise) took us back to the first house and we all knew it was the one for us, even ella. So here we are. I am so excited about our new adventure with my three favorite people. Life is pretty sweet.