Eight years

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Josh and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was an okay day. It's hard to celebrate when there's a lot of sad around you.  Josh's dad passed away on Thursday, the 19th.  He fought so long and so hard and he peacefully left us here for his eternity in Heaven.  On Tuesday morning, he said he only had three days left.  I don't know how he knew, but he did his best to prepare everyone.  God's hand was so evident throughout it all.  But it's still been a really tough week.  We did our best to celebrate and overall had a nice day.  We were sitting at Chili's last night while my mom watched the girls for us so we could have a quick, quiet dinner together.  We were talking about all of the different stages of our lives the past almost decade we've spent together and which stage has been our favorite. We usually will say that whatever current stage we're in is our favorite.  But right now is hard.  Life, work, kids...everything just feels difficult.  Sadie is extremely defiant, which is a stage Ella never went through.  Ella is a people pleaser.  Even when she would throw a fit, you could hold your arms out to her and she'd just melt in your arms until she cried it all out.  She is so tender hearted.  But she's also learned how to argue and talk back.  She rolled her eyes when I told her something yesterday!  So, that's where we are these days.  But the kids are what keep us going and keep things interesting.  We may be having a hard time right now, but this is still where we want to be.  Please pray for the Park family.

We miss you Ewie <3