Neat Things I've Found

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So I signed up for something called the BabbaBox. Very cool. I got my first box in the mail the other day and it's really neat. I am not very creative or good at coming up with craft ideas that are fun. Usually if I ever do come up with something it takes four hours to get it all together and tons of trips to Hobby Lobby and the girls are done and disinterested in about five minutes....But this box is great. They send you every single material you'll need to put them together. You get a new book, downloadable educational app, several crafts, and other itmes.  And they are all themed together. This month's theme is By The Seashore.

Another really fun thing I've found is Project Life. It's a really neat way to start memory keeping.  I am so bad about writing things down because it always feels like I'll never forget this stuff.  And then I forget it.  And I am not a scrapbooker at all.  The thought of sitting down and putting together a scrapbook makes me shudder.  But I also think writing things down in a journal is kind of boring.  So this is an easy and fun way to keep your memories and pictures in an easy to get to place.  The product has been out of stock for months and amazon just restocked everything.  It's pretty easy because you typically will make a page per week of the year.  That way you can remember all of the big things and the little things that happen when your kids are little.  And it's organized by year.  There are plastic pages where you can print off your instagram photos (through persnickety prints) and keep them in the binder as well.  And I hear there's going to be a baby edition sometime later this year.  It would be a fun way to track your pregnancy and your baby's first year.  Anyway, cool things I've found recently that I'm having fun trying out. 

Alright, well now I'm off to watch the olympics with Ella!


The Penney's said...

They are all so neat! Do you think the Babba Box would hold paisleys attention??