Summer with the girls

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All summer I have so enjoyed all of this extra time with the girls. On September 5th, they are both starting at a new preschool. It's about two minutes from my house and they will go from 9-12 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. It's put on by the methodist church. We went and toured the school a couple of weeks ago and both Ella and Sadie were very excited to walk through a classroom again. Ella more so than Sadie. Before we visited, I asked Ella if she was ready to go back to school. She was pretty unhappy at her last preschool, which is why we worked out this new schedule. She asked me two questions: Will I have to eat lunch at school? No. Do I have to take a nap at school? No. After she got her answers, she was beyond excited. Those were the two things that she did not like at the last school. But Ella loves to be in a classroom environment and she loves to learn and meet new friends. I'm so excited for her. And Sadie definitely needs to spend some time in a structured environment with other kids. Ella is such a good sister, but I see her cater to Sadie a lot because it's easier. So it will be good for Sadie to learn how to interact with other kids her age. And the good part is that I'm not giving up too much extra time with them. They have been spending Fridays at their Nonnie's house. But now it's about the same amount of time, I just get to go into the office three mornings a week, which will be extremely helpful for me my job.

Oh, and in other BIG BIG news...Sadie is getting pretty close to being potty trained. We've been working on it since Thursday and she's only had about three accidents!  Everytime she goes potty she high fives me and says "I TID IT!  YAY FOR SADIE!"  It's the cutest ever.  And Ella even gets in on the celebration. :)  Sadie still can't tell me that she has to pee ahead of time, so I take her to the potty a lot, but we made it through a birthday dinner at La Casona, a couple of trips to Target, and a bike ride without an accident.  So we're getting there.  I'm so proud of my girls.  And they are growing up so fast.

And the last update....Ella starts soccer in August!  We went and picked out her cletes, shinguards, and a ball.  I'm so excited!

Sadie calls them piggy-ponies

Hammin it up

i cannot believe she is 4 1/2!

I'm so proud....

Trip to the beach


Sadie loves to play dress up

Fried pickles...Mmmm


The Penney's said...

Yay for 3 days a week & pre school! Paisley starts Sept 4th at the Methodist Day School in Angleton, I chose those 2 days to take off so that I can take and pick her up from school!:) Love those piggy ponies!!